Hospital ERP Systems

At SKYLA, our experienced domain and technology consultants have comprehensive experience in managing all vital functions of hospital information systems viz., human resources, revenue cycle management, patient relationship management, departmental modules, financials and support modules. Our Healthcare Information System is an integrated end-to-end Hospital ERP, rather Healthcare ERP encompassing clinical, financial and supporting applications required for a hospital.

It is imperative that healthcare industry relentlessly attempts to improve the quality of patient care and operational efficiency for physicians, support and admin staff, while keeping costs down and optimizing back-end operations. In order to keep the costs down, providers are looking at technology as an enabler for business process optimization through successful healthcare enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations.

SKYLA has strong functional expertise in developing robust integrated healthcare ERP solutions and other third party components and having core services, support services and back office modules in it.

SKYLA have devised the following modules according to the requirements of a Hospital and they integrate the various departments into a comprehensive system.

Our Expertise in the development of Healthcare ERP Systems includes:

Objective: To Provide an integrated Solution for the Hospital, which
  • » Helps in Efficient Management of the Hospital.
  • » Enhance Patient Care
  • » Improve work efficiency
  • » Improve Fiscal Control
  • » Eliminate the chances of any Pilferage
  • » Enable the Growth of the Hospital

What you need

  • » Be fully informed about the Vital Stats of the Hospital.
  • » Lesser dependency on middle & Lower Management. Full control on the staff.
  • » Take corrective actions based on the data instantly.
  • » Helps you to Plan any future activity.
  • » Ultimate Aim – Better Patient Care with Efficiency.
Patient Registration (OPD & Indoor)

Every patient who visits the hospital has to get registered prior to getting any consultation, treatment or investigations done. Registration of patients involves accepting certain general and demographic information about the patient. The patient is allocated a unique Registration number and a Patient Identification number. The Patient ID will remain same for his all subsequent visits to the hospital whereas he will be allocated a new registration number on every visit. The consultation charges (if applicable) can also be collected for the OPD patients during registration and a receipt will be generated.

Investigations Reporting (Pathology & Imaging)

In the routine functioning of a hospital, various types of investigations are carried out. Carrying out number of tests and making the results available promptly is very crucial for assessing the patient's medical status and deciding on the further course of action. The investigation requisition can be auto-generated (through OPD billing or IPD) or can also be generated here, depending on the system followed in the hospital. The tests parameters are pre-defined with the interpretations & formulae wherever applicable. The test results are entered into the software manually or with equipment integration and a descriptive smart report is printed after verification and validation.

Central Store

This module deals with the inventory of all Hospital Equipment, Materials, Consumables, Medicines, Implants & Asset items in different departments of the hospital along with their purchase and supplier details. Requisitions for different items/equipment are sent to this store from different departments and accordingly the Central Store issues items/equipment to various departments and generate purchase orders for purchases. This also maintains records of purchases, stock, and supplier list, item/equipment/material master tables. The Store module ensures that there is a round the clock availability of a sufficient quantity of drugs and consumable material for the patients in a mode that neither hinders efficient clinical work, nor it becomes a threat to the survival of the Store.

Reception Management

Reception is the first point of interaction for anybody coming to the Hospital. It has all the information of the patients, doctors, departments and activities of the Hospital. All enquiries and appointments are scheduled through this module. All information available here are in real time and any enquiry about the patient status, Room Status, Doctors availability or tariff’s for various services is on actual status since the data is constantly updated.

OPD Billing

For billing of any OPD service like Pathology Tests, or any imaging investigation, the patient moves to OPD billing counter. Here the services are charged as per the rates already defined for various categories/ penal/ time etc to the patient with his Patient ID. The Payment is collected for the service provided and a receipt is generated. This module works as an interface with the diagnostic modules. All services will be automatically entered into the respective modules wherever required like lab & Imaging reporting

Indoor Billing

Indoor billing module has a supervisory role. The entries for billing are automatically transferred to the patient bill by the respective departments, which provide the service. The services are charged as per the category/panel/package applicable. Here the bill is compiled and the payment collected from time to time. Provisional and Final bills are generated which provides complete information about the Services availed, its Charges, Advance collected, appropriate Receipts, Refunds, Credit notes, Concession allowed, etc.

Drugs Management System

Drugs Management System is another module of hospital Management System and allows to add the list of drugs mostly use for the purpose of treatment in that specific hospital. The drugs used in the treatment of some specific patient could also enlist here. The list of available drugs is also managed in this drug management system.


The Pharmacy Module deal with the Retail Sale of medicines to OPD patients and Issue of medicines to the In-patients in the hospital. Its function includes, online drug prescription, inventory management and billing of drugs, consumables and sutures. This module is closely linked to the Billing Module and In-patient Module. All the drugs required by the patient can be indented from the various sub stores.

Financial Accounting

A Financial accounting module is linked with hospital billing module. You get online accounting of all revenue generated along with expenses incurred. There is no need to enter the revenue entries as they are already fetched from the billing module. All relevant information for the staff salary/wages, consultant share, etc is available. Salient Features of this module are:

Administrative Rights Management System

Administrative Rights Management System includes all right of management including HR and administration. This system helps in updating the inventory record as well as all record of payroll management. This is a key element of administration management that manages all purchases and employee management.

Online Appointment Management System

Appointment Management System allows getting appointment. With the help of appointment management system patient, staff and doctor can check the status of appointment easily. This appointment management system allows to get an appointment for registered patients.

Lab Test System

Lab Test System carry complete details of the test services that are available in the hospital such as X-ray, CBC test, and blood test and different other test services. It also manages the history of test details according to the registered patient name.

Invoice System

After the appointment confirmation Invoice System generates an automatic invoice against that specific patient, this invoice helps to know about the current status of payment as well as complete payment.


Keep track of all staff member’s attendance; there leave record and deductions. Generate salary slip and other related reports.

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