Skyla Human Capital Management System

Automate your manual HR and Payroll process with Skyla’s web-based single-solution Human Capital Management (HCM) platform. Skyla Human Capital Management (HCM) is a simple, intuitive and user-friendly portal that offer variety of modules to automate your Human Resources practices. It helps organisations to manage their employee’s information, employment lifecycle, online attendance, payslips, workforce management, time and attendance etc. It can seamlessly integrate with biometric devices to obtain employee attendance in an automated environment without any user intervention.


Employee Management

Employee Management module holds information about the Employee such as personal data of each individual employee, next of kin details, their passport and visa details, vaccination details etc. Such information is classified confidential hence utmost care has been taken in securing the data.

Payroll Integration Management

Employee details, time and attendance, salary details, loan/advance details etc can be transferred to popular financial accounting system such as Tally though a pre-configured interface.

Shift Roster Management

Shift Roster Management is a workforce planning and management tool that allow an organisation to stay in complete control of organisation’s working time. It allows definition of organisation shift patterns and create employee shift roster.

Time and Attendance Management

Time and attendance module allow import of attendance data from biometric device relational database OR attendances can be imported through CSV/XLS files. There is also a facility to manually create or rectify individual employee attendance by the administrator.

Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Services module allows the employees to access their individual information recorded in the system without relying on admin/HR team. The employee can view their details such as – Personal data, Salary Slips, Attendance records, Shifts assigned to them, Leave Status, Income tax, Company policy etc.

Statutory Compliance

The user administrator can define the statutory parameters as per the company policy. The application is capable of handling all statutory deduction for PF, ESI, Professional tax, TDS as per policy defined in the system.

Leave Management

Leave Management Module allows employee to raise and manage their leave requests. The reporting managers and HR personnel are notified about the application as soon as they are received via automated email or SMS notification. The portal also takes care of Public holidays and has preconfigured holidays set with the option of adding, deleting or altering the allotted holidays.

Gate Pass Management

Gate Pass Module caters to the need of employee going out for outdoor work. The request can be raised for various reasons such as work training, outside visit, outdoor duty etc and authorised by concerned departmental head prior to the visit.

Training Management

Training Management module allows departmental heads to capture staff training and development plans based on their role, personal development key talent profiles and individual needs. All training given to an employee are tracked back to enhanced output expected from the trained resource. This module also captures details of training providers and individual/independent trainers.

Loan Management

Loan Management module enables organisations to define and manage loans. Employees can request loans, which are then reviewed and approved. For the approved loans, repayment schedule for the entire loan cycle can be generated and automatic deduction from salary are also be set up.

User Management

User Management is an administrator-controlled module which allows employees to be given rights on the application based on their job function and role. All user activity is tracked for compliance.

Employee On-Boarding

The employee on-boarding process can be handled in the system. The portal allows generation of Offer Letters, Appointment Letters along with facility to upload and hold Employee Documents such as Educational Certificates etc.

Employee Savings & Form 16 Certificate

Employee Savings module allows employee to declare their savings for the financial year. The system allows data of FORM 16, Chapter VI A to be captured to generate FORM 16 for the employee in case of any TDS deduction.

Asset Management

Asset Management module allows assets to be defined, categorised and described so that it can then be uniquely managed and assigned. This module also maintains the history of when it was procured, its maintenance cycle, the employee it has been assigned to its current state and status.

Employee Exit Management

Automates all processes of the employee Exit lifecycle from submission of resignation letter or the maturity of retirement to generation the full and final Settlement of accounts and acceptance of final closure by an employee.



Skyla HCM allows adding any number of employees and employee’s categories including their department, designation and function for accurate reporting


Skyla HCM allows access to the application or self-service portal via variety for devices such as iPad, Tablets, iPhone or android devices


In recent time the face recognize system or fingerprint biometric systems are being frequently used. The Skyla HCM can seamlessly connect to any of these devices in online or batch mode to collect the attendance data.


Skyla offers tailoring of the application portal to suit individual business requirements. The application offers a range of self-service type customisation to suit its individual business process. However, in cases where system change is needed, Skyla’s dedicated team can tailor the application as required.


Skyla HCM can seamlessly run for different industrial verticals such as SMEs, Traders, Transporters, Healthcare, Manufacturing and many more.


The application records the arrival and leaving time of each employee by obtaining the accurate punching time in online mode (without manual intervention). This record can be configured to meet the company requirements. But in exception the provision of manual attendance can activated.


Skyla HCM can integrate with popular financial application system such as Tally or any other financial system via standard web services or file export in CSV/XML.


Multiple industries / organization can be configured in centralized server. This allows company specific MIS or a consolidated one, can be generated from one system.


Skyla HCM has been developed with a combined effort of industrial expert, chartered accountants and professional users to cater to the needs of different organization.

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